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Ronaima River, Gran Sabana - Venezuela
Majella - Italy
Henry Pittier Forest - Venezuela
Papyrus crops and tea plantations - Uganda
Andermatt mountain - Switzerland
Canaima Lagoon - Venezuela
Along the trail to Angel Falls, the highest in the world - Venezuela
From my Cessna toward the Amazon - Venezuela
Dudhsagar Falls in Goa - India
Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world (979 meters) with an uninterrupted drop of water stretch of 807 meters - Venezuela
Temples of Khajuraho - the Hindu temples of kamasutra - India
The Cap Spartel lighthouse, where once were the Pillars of Hercules - Morocco
Maharajah of Mysore Palace - India
Stabelchod National Park - Switzerland
The mountains of the Moroccan Rif - Morocco
The walled medina of Essaouira, an UNESCO heritage - Morocco
Kampala and the helicopter of President Museveni, after 30 years of leading the country, and 'was re-elected president of Uganda for a fifth term in 2016
Temple in Hampi - India
A child in the streets of Chefchaouen - Morocco
Monumental beaches in Legzira - Morocco
Ouarzazate, designer also used for the filming of countless films, first of all Star Wars - Morocco
Between Uganda and South Sudan
The arrival to the city of Sidi Ifni - Morocco
On the banks of Tungabhadra river - India
The phantasmagoric designs of the High Atlas mountains - Morocco
Sahara border - Morocco
A coal mine of Jharkhand - India
Sunrise in the forest of Kerala - India
The Rathaus-Steg or Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe, is the symbol of Lucerne - Switzerland
Bath at Dead Sea - Israel
A fishing boat returns to Essaouira harbour - Morocco
The Suleymaniye Camii mosque in Istanbul built in the 16th century by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan for Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent - Turkey
The Taj Mahal is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since December 9, 1983. It was added in 2007 among the new seven wonders of the world - India
By artificial reefs in Mumbai - India
Central pipeline Mumbai - India
On the way to Bangalore - India
Pigeons fly to Jama Masjid mosque in Old Delhi - India
The landscape (and life) along the Ganges in Varanasi - India
The landscape (and life) on the Shanghai Bund along the Huangpu River - China
The landscape (and life) in a Muslim cemetery in Fez - Morocco
The landscape (and life) on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Israel
Sarkhat is the place where the Buddha made his first speech - India
Carvings in Khajuraho - India
Students return to their home in Nazareth - Israel
Orthodox Monastery of San Giorgio is located in Wadi Qelt, East West Bank, the Palestinian territories Israel, these are the valleys of the first hermits in the Holy Land
With its eleven centuries of life and the hundreds of workers who make they live declare that traditional tannery in Fez, an UNESCO World Heritage - Morocco
Dhobi Ghat, the laundry of Mumbai, they employ about 10,000 in 1026 dhobi tanks or blocks (blocks) as they are called, one of the biggest asia -India
Boys playing football in Chefchaouen - Morocco
Near Spaghetti Beach, where he settled the hippy Italian colony, Goa - India
The Yuyuan Garden was built during the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. The refined layout, the magnificent landscape and the artistic style of the garden have made him one of the places of interest in Shanghai - China
Landscape from Chapora Fort in Goa - India
Temple by the way to Querim - India
The end of Dharavi, the famous set for The MIllionaire, is bounded on the north by a river that collects discharges slum. The Indian government is working for the slum rehabilitation in favor of small apartment buildings in Mumbai - India
Shanghai - China
Moroccans in the parks along Hassan II Avenue in Fez - Morocco
Bund Sightseeing Tunnel linking the two banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai - China
Bab Boujloud in Fez - Morocco
In Varanasi celebrates Diwali, or festival of light, one of the most important anniversaries hiundu - india
Up to fifteen years ago there was nothing, now is called Pudong has become the heart of the Chinese economy and finance button in Shanghai
One way in Kolkata - India
Also water streets in Amsterdam - Netherlands
Originally called Victoria's Terminus is one of the busiest railway stations in India. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Station has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site - India
Jing'an Temple is one of the most famous temples in Shanghai - China
It prepares the evening prayers in Varanasi - India
St.Gallen - Stiftsbibliothek the Abbey Library, has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1983, has about 170,000 documents - Switzerland
The library of the Italian Geographical Society of Villa Celimontana - has over 300,000 books, more than 150,000 maps - Italy
Libreria delle Colonne - Tangier - Morocco