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A wood merchant for funeral pyres at Varanasi, the most expensive is to sandalwood - India
Ankul produces fabrics in his laboratory, aided by his brother - India
Discussions in the library of the Jewish Wailing Wall - Israel
A farmer Berber the Rif Mountains - Morocco
A peasant in the mountains of Abruzzo - Italy
A shepherd leads his sheep near the Barrage Sidi Chahed by the lake, an artificial lake - Morocco
A shepherd leads his sheep in Anversa degli Abruzzi, in the background Castrovalva the place designed by Maurits Cornelis Escher - Italy
A Berber baker is grinding its flour. The traditional mill is moved by the stream that flows down from the hills of Chefchaouen - Morocco
A man shearing a sheep with scissors a tradition and a job that in Italy we are losing - Italy
Traditional Buttero in Maremma, always been Italian cowboys - Italy
A shepherd in Rome, in the background Corviale or "Il Serpentone" was to represent a housing development for the urban development of Rome in the sixties ñ Italy
A pastor begins the milk processing in Matera - Italy
Grinding traditional olive oil mill in a Berber - Morocco
An athlete trains in the streets of Tangier - Morocco
An illegal coal miner remarries after a work shift in a mine of jharkhand - India
Shepherds in Basilicata make back their cows - Italy
A man posing with his horse, is one of the conductors of carriage for tourists of a Colaba neighborhood of Mumbai
Boys pose between the coal dust on a street in Bokaro Steel City - India
A young Buddhist monaco laying on the scale of the Dowanduwa temple - Sri Lanka
The first of the funeral procession in Varanasi - India
A Buddhist consult your travel guide to Sarnath. Here in 527 BC about Buddha began his preaching,taking two sermons with which explained the four noble truths - India
Ljun Lao updates the strictly Chinese social network in his office which is also his home in an area next to the demolition of Shanghai - China
Do not call Wrestler, are Pehlwan. Devesh is proud of being Indian and representative of an ancient art that still finds its highest expression in August called in tournaments Dangals in Varanasi - India
A ROM and his home on the sea in Ostia - Italy
Old traders in Old Delhi - India
The old Berber grandmother - Morocco
Old Palestinian grandmother in Gerico - Israel
An lost Illegal coal miner Jharkhand - India
A man falls from a palm tree after the harvest of the coconut - Sri - Lanka
Mahant Amar Bharti Ji, raised his right arm above his head in 1973 in honor of Shiva deity and since then never put it down. Here was in Maha Kumb Mela 2013 - India
The shaman, the magic man of Tepeth - Uganda
An illegal miner Coal India has just finished loading his bike with coal (250kg) that dug from the mine and that will sell in distant city 45km - India
A woman of Benares is dyed the same color as the wall, the blue Indian classical
Reaper marijuana - Morocco
An old woman Adivasi, the original people of India, tattooed the story of their lives. Their territories are threatened in favor of the mining multinational in Jharkhand - India
a worker in Chouara tannery in Fez, where the men work immersed in a mixture of cow urine, limewash, water and salt. - Morocco
A pastor works its cheese in Matera - Italy
In a gym of Benares a young Ustaad (master) to pehlwani, a style of popular martial art of India, has finished his training for Indian championships
A cobbler in his workshop, where the walls are completely covered with postcards from around the world in the village of Pitigliano - Italy
Abdel Majid is one of the most famous antique dealers in Tangier, among its clients; Mik Jagger, Sean Connery, Brad Pit and many more - Morocco
Bilal is an Gnawa , descendants of blacks slaves who built Essaouira, he play his music in Tangier - Morocco
Simone is a "heroic winemaker" of ISola del Giglio, where the grapes are grown on land terraces overlooking the sea - Italy
A worker does dry the skin just dyed in a tannery of Fez - Morocco
Feng Qian chat in a nightclub on the top floor of a skyscraper in Shanghai - China