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Father and baby praying the black Madonna in Saint Marie de La Mer - France
Pilgrims light candles at the entrance of the holy sepulcher of Christ in Jerusalem - Israel
The Naga Baba are preparing for the ritual bath at the Maha Kumbh Mela 2013, Allahabad - India
Monks praying in Shanghai -China
A gypsy in Santa Sara procession in Saint Marie de La Mer - France
The ceremony is called Ganga Aarti and is directed to the river (mother) Ganges in Varanasi - India
A hundred men called "Facchini" carrying the "Macchina di Santa Rosa" nearly three tons, religious ceremony in Viterbo - Italy
A pilgrim prays at the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem - Israel
The Torciata San Giuseppe illuminates the streets of Pitigliano, pagan religious procession in Tuscany - Italy
Young people celebrating the Goddess Sarasvati in a boat in the Ganges in Varanasi - India
Young Dervish dancing almost in hypnosis in Istanbul - Turkey
Naga Baba demonstrate their votes on the night of Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad in 2013
Naga Baba smoke hashish and renew the ash on the skin during the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad in 2013
Women pray and make ablutions immersed in the Ganga, by the ghats of Varanasi - India
Gypsy in Santa Sara procession in Saint Marie de La Mer for the Black Madonna rituals in Camargue - France
A bride is preparing for marriage in the city of Banares - India
The shaman's family - Mount Moroto - Uganda
Praying at the Jing'an Temple during Chinese New Year in Shanghai - China
Funeral in Varanasi, family members are ready to set fire to the funeral pyre after soaking the body in the Ganges - India
Praying in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul - Turkey
Library of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, Italy
Prayer at the Grand Mosque in Kampala - Uganda
Jews pray with Tefillin at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem - Israel
Pilgrims arrived from Sardinia to Monte Cassino into the Chiostro del Bramante - Italy
Hindu Temple in Mumbai - India
Women come down from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Israel
Men by the evening prayer descend from the Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi - India
Santa Sara - Gypsie - Camargue
Holi Festival, the festival of colors in Panaji, capital of Goa - India
Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad 2013 was attended by about one hundred million people, six million in the morning of this photo, the most important day of the whole festival - India
Christian procession of the Holy Macchina di Santa Rosa in Viterbo - The transport is immaterial UNESCO - Italy
Orthodox pilgrims to the Virgin's Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem - Israel
The procession of "Farchie", large pyres burned in honor of the saint of Sant'Antonio in Fara Filiorum Petri - Italy
One night in the tent city (the biggest in the world) of Kumb Mela, are days that pilgrims come here from all over India to wait for the great sacred bath in the Sangam - India
And the evening and in Matera children play in front of the San Francesco from Assisi Church - Italy
Baker grinds the flour in South Mumbai - India
Luna Park in Fez and the legendary Tagada' - Morocco
Men expect big sale at the night Flower Market of Kolkata - India
Through the streets of Chinatown in Old Calcutta - India
Shanghai - China
Illegal Coal Mines in Jharkhand - India
Men wash their skins to Chouara tannery in Fez - Morocco
Men plastic recycling in Dharavi slum in Mumbai - India
Women walk at dawn in the valleys of Mount Moroto to reach markets in the savannah edges - Uganda
In one of the yards of the port of Mumbai, the shipbreacker recycle old chains - India
Pet and seed market in Shanghai - China
Tribal Tepeth collect rain water that was obtained by digging in the forests - Uganda
They are part of the caste of the Dom and are looking spared jewels after the funeral pyres of Varanasi - India
A Berber farm near Ketama - Morocco
Liang Wo. He lives in the French Concession of Shanghai, is celebrating the Spring Festival - China
By the way, Mumbai - India
The reconstruction of the meeting with Mao Zedong the founding of the Communist Party that scena was in Shanghai Museum - China
Guys play the "Trebbotti" traditional instrument during Sant' Antonio festivities and Farchie processione in Fara Filiorum Petri, Abruzzo - Italy
Guy playing the classical accordion in the streets of Matera - Italy
Fishermen cleaning their nets on Lake Victoria - Uganda
Fishermen return to the port of Essaouira - Morocco
Tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean - Sri Lanka
Slum in West Mumbai - India
Children learn the Berber alphabet in a school in the province of Tafraout - Morocco
Marquetry pattern of cedar wood in a workshop in Mysore - India
A dentist is free medical information for children in a slum in Mumbai, district Colaba - India
Pool game in the Moroccan Rif bars in the country of Ketama - Morocco
Evening lifestyle in Essaouira - Morocco
Dancers waiting to go on stage in Kerala - India
Evening lifestyle in Shanghai - China
Evening lifestile in Kolkata - India
Boys play on the motive of the second line of the metro takes Tunel to Taksim Square, it is the famous red tram, one of the most photographed things in Istanbul - Turkey
Lunch hour in a bar street food in Fez - Morocco
Boys run in the streets of Matera - Italy
Morning light on the Bund, in the background the skyscrapers of Pudong, the classic skyline of Shanghai
On some road in a non-place in the south- Morocco
Traditional church in Monteriggioni, by the Francigena way - Italy
Avenue Hassan II in the Ville Nouvelle in Fez - Morocco
Afternoon under the big sacred tree, Tepeth tribe - Uganda
A family gathers in the afternoon under a large olive tree in the hills of Fez - Morocco
One of the main foods of the diet of Tepeth, uganda tribes, are grains can be grown in the mountains and then reduced to flour - Uganda
Women come down from the hills of Fez to reach the souks of the medina - Morocco
Gypsies to the sea procession of Santa Sarah, the black Madonna of the gypsies. In the days procession in Camargue thousand of gypsies they come from all over the world
Farmers harvest olives, is the time of harvest in the hills of Chefchaouen - Morocco
Moroccan youth watching the view from the Cafe' Hafa terraces in Tangier, to the horizon to Spain
Taxi - Morocco
The Anjuna Flea Market in Goa has been always attracted hippies and travelers from around the world - India
A portable theater in Shanghai - China
A production company at very low cost to Bollywood - India
Cafe' de France - Essaouira - Morocco
afe' of nothing, Lake Victoria harbour in Kampala - Uganda
Tangier - Bar during the Africa Cup - Morocco
Cafe' Baba in Tanjer, one of the bars where they meet the Rolling Stones - Morocco
Women wash typical saari in the pool of Khajuraho - India
The carousel in Morocco call Fantasia
Afternoon in the streets of the medina in Tangier - Morocco
Afternoon in Garbatella district in Rome - Italy
Afternoon at the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai - China
The evening of the medina of Chefchaouen the "blue city" - Morocco
Gypsy dances in Camargue - France
A young bride is choosing her bridal saari from a merchant in Varanasi - India
Happy bride in Mumbai - India
You breathe in the Beyoglu district around the European charm of the belle epoque and even more bars lascivious - Turkey
Evening in front of the Pudong financial district of China and Shanghai. China
Songs and guitars and dancing in a gypsy camp in the countryside of the Camargue - France
A trance party in the Goa forest. Are many hippies who still seek the memory of the sixties - India
Encampment of a family coming from Bihar arrived in the last Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad - India